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The iPhone Film Festival

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The iPhone Film Festival 'awards ceremony' will be held on 6 April

The 2011 iPhone Film Festival (IFF) is gathering momentum with founder/organiser Ruben Kazantsev telling iphone-productions he has already received over 100 entries.

The deadline for this year’s submissions is 31 March 2011 with winners announced on the festival’s website on 6 April at 20:00PST.

One of the submissions receiving plenty of publicity since it its release last year is Apple of My Eye.

Directed by Michael Koerbel and written by Koerbel and Anna James, who also edited the film, Apple of My Eye is a Disneyesque short of young girl and her grandfather who see a model train set in a shop window. It’s a touching story of childhood memories with some great effects.

Just as fascinating is the accompanying short of how the filmmakers shot and edited Apple of My Eye on the iphone4.

While impressive, Apple of My Eye faces stiff competition, as the festival has attracted plenty of entries in the following categories: cinematography, comedy, commercial, cooking, documentary, feature film, featured video, interview, music video, series and short film.

Topics range from the bizarre: a funky Japanese film on how to make coffee to David Lynch berating the iPhone as a device to watch films (but not to make films) on.

Then there is the plain weird such as the Dazey Mae short film, based on the poem Dazey Mae and Her New Baeau about a woman who picks up male hitchhikers and does despicable things to them.

For one of the best examples of mobile movie making check out the Goldilocks series. It’s the same team that produced Apple of My Eye, but this time they have gone for the action genre, described as ’Bourne Ultimatum on an iphone’. I have watched the first episode and I’m already hooked. Look out for the iPhone-in-glass-of-wine shot.

There are lots of music videos and commercials already posted on the site, including La Valiga, a classy black and white short made for a Columbian fashion house. The director said he ‘wanted to push the limits of what can be achieved on the iphone4′, with impressive results.

All submissions to the IFF are free and the organisers endeavor to review and post films on the site 72hours after submission. There is also a chance for viewers to comment on films, providing invaluable feedback on your work.

Within the next few week we will be getting more sponsors which will mean more prizes to winners :) iPhone Film Festival http://t.co/LIlKJWQless than a minute ago via Tweet Button

Kazantsev said in a recent tweet that the festival has attracted more sponsors and will therefore have more prizes on offer. Perhaps more valuable to aspiring filmmakers is the chance to get your work reviewed and commented on by peers.

The IFF could become an influential outlet for the incredible work being produced on smartphones, and is worth getting involved with — on any level.

If you can’t make this year’s deadline, don’t despair plans are already underway for a 2012 festival – so get shooting, recording, editing and publishing!

For those making films on other devices there is also a sister site, The Smart Phone Festival.

This is an important development because while the iPhone is undoubtedly leading the way, there are other devices out there doing the job, and we will be keeping our eye on, and reporting on, filmmakers who choose to use other devices.

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