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iPhone-friendly Atomic Tom to play Macworld|iWorld

Atomic Tom

And the band played on ... on iPhones

News that Atomic Tom will be performing live at Macworld|iWorld in San Francisco in Januarygives us the opportunity to replay their video Take Me Out (any excuse).

It was back in October 2010, the iPhone 4 had just been released, the New York band had had all their gear stolen, so what did they do? Played a gig on the New York subway on their iPhones – and boom! Their video went viral (over five-million hits on YouTube).

Early adopters Atomic Tom each had individual iPhones using separate apps for piano, drums, guitar, bass, and even a microphone app for vocals.

As Macworld reported at the time: “It’s unclear what the iPhones are plugged into, but they are clearly being mixed and amplified by an off-screen sound source — probably a battery-powered guitar amp.”

You have got to admire their balls, and ingenuity in the face of adversity and it is great to hear they are still going strong; they bought some new gear and have an album out on Universal.

We look forward to checking them out at Macworld|iWorld, but for now here is their video, Take Me Out.

Hit it boys …

● Atomic Tom will be part of the The Music Experience showcase at Macworld|iWorld, which will feature live performances and talks from musicians who use Apple technology in their music. As well as being part of the expo’s daytime agenda, the music will carry on in the evenings at other venues in the city.

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