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iPhone Film Festival on a roll as it celebrates first birthday

iPhone film Festival

The iPhone Film Festival (IFF) is one year old today and while its success has spawned many imitators it remains the best online festival for all those making films on smartphones to showcase their work.

With a little under two months until the deadline for IFF2 (so get your submissions in!), founder Ruben Kazantsev says he is already making plans for a third IFF to be held early next year.

“It’s growing. This Friday (5 August) will be the one year anniversary of IFF and we are so excited we lasted a year and are well established with a very strong following. And we have plans to grow more by IFF 3,” he says during a quick Skype call from his home in Beverly Hills.

Sponsorship is key to the success of such events and the IFF is backed by many of the leading hardwear and software companies in the business, who are donating prizes for category winners.

The latest to sign up is Outdoor Technology, makers of wireless Bluetooth headsets.

Here’s a slection of latest entries to IFF2:

Money Bag

Is a South Korean film, beautifully shot and edited with a clever and unexpected ending. Director Sun ung Kim follows in compatriot Chan-wook Park’s footsteps and keeps in the South Korean genre of films that are usually dark, bizarre and with an unexpected twist. The fact that Kim achieves all of this in just over 10 minutes on an iPhone is pretty impressive. An epic by iPhone standards and a firm favourite.

Blood Sweat and Needles

Is another dark tale of drug use, part drama, part public information film with edgy camera work. The jury’s still out.


Is a web comedy series about a cigar-smoking, Bill Bryson-type trying to get fit and pick up girls at the running track. Three episodes in and there aren’t too many laughs.

Johnny Scribble

Is a novel animation created on the iPad, short sweet little episodes, cleverly executed and good coffee-break fodder.

iGlimpses II to the Sounds of Bollywood Beats

iGlimpses II to the Sounds of Bollywood Beats from The Film Artist on Vimeo.

Is by our friend the ubiquitous Film Artist, who recreates his award-winning style (winner best cinematography in IFF1) on the streets of London, pure spontaneity and an adrenaline rush to a kicking soundtrack.

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