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iPhone Film Festival 4: winners announced

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A shot from Gorgeous, this year’s Best Music video in the iPhone Film Festival 4 awards

Organisers say quality of submissions this year were best ever as they plan to make the iPhone Film Festival a truly global online event

The iPhone Film Festival celebrated its fourth anniversary with a fourth awards ceremony (IFF4), held online from its base in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles and attracting nominations from over 20 countries.

Spanish iPhone filmmaker Conrad Mess added to his already substantial list of IFF awards by taking the Grand Prize for his impressive use of special effects on his short supernatural thriller The Other Side.

South African director Errol Schwartz won Best Film for his stunning short feature The Magic Bullet, about an HIV cure conspiracy.

Another former IFF winner, The Film Artist, captured the best Cinematography and Documentary prize for one of his trademark travel videos,  A Short Journey – Budapest, filmed on an iPhone 5S.

The  Stop Motion and Animation winner came from The Dominican Republic and director Wilson López for  F#$@ The Police – his alternative video for the punk rock band Battery 45.

“I use my iPhone 4 for the photography, Adobe Flash for the vector animation and Adobe Premiere for the final edition. This video is a funny reflection of our reality in the Dominican society and a tribute to the old techniques of animation,” he says.

This year’s Best Music video was awarded to director Gal Muggia for Gorgeous, his impressive shoot, made with 52 iPhones, no less.

“The video follows a night in the life of the band Terry-Poison, from the glorious moments on stage to the grim reality of real life,” he says.

IFF co-founder Ruben Kazantsev told smartmoviemaking.com: “This year has been a very long journey for us, but we continue to collaborate with other filmmakers and organisations worldwide and are now respected in the industry as a real event.

“Since 2010 we have been dedicating our non-profit event to showcase the amazing filmmakers to the world. We are proud to see IFF turn into a global phenomenon, with IFF4 having nominees from over 20 countries.

“We had less submission for IFF4 but the quality of the submission has been the best since we launched in 2010.

Kazantsev said he is already looking forward to IFF5, and promises “something very exciting” for 2015.

“Since our event has a worldwide following, we want to focus on collaboration from more countries.”

Kazantsev, a filmmaker himself, established IFF for like-minded artists. “There are thousands of talented filmmakers  that don’t have the resources that major film companies have to create a film. However, we do have our talent and most importantly we have our creative instincts – and our iPhones of course.”

While other iPhone online film festivals come and go, the IFF goes from strength to strength and remains the premier festival for showcasing work from this exciting genre.

“We are very passionate about what we do and we couldn’t have done this without our audience, followers, filmmakers, sponsors like Fostex, SmartPhocus, OlloClip and media partners such as smartmoviemaking.com,” says Kazantsev.

Submissions to the iPhone Film Festival are open all year round. Check the website for details on how to enter.

See video below to watch the IFF 4 winning entries in each category.

Here is a full list of winners and runners-up:

Grand prize winner


Country: Spain

Music Video

1st place http://www.iphoneff.com/archives/6582

Country:  Israel

2nd place http://www.iphoneff.com/archives/6377

Country: USA

3rd place http://www.iphoneff.com/archives/6515

Country: Canada


1st place  http://www.iphoneff.com/archives/6776

Country: South Africa

2nd place http://www.iphoneff.com/archives/7324

Country: USA

3rd place http://www.iphoneff.com/archives/6832

Country: France

Stop Motion and Animation

1st place http://www.iphoneff.com/archives/6721

Country: Dominican Republic

2nd place http://www.iphoneff.com/archives/7153

Country: India

3rd place http://www.iphoneff.com/archives/7105

Country: USA

 Cinematography and Documentary

1st place http://www.iphoneff.com/archives/6800

Country: UK

2nd place http://www.iphoneff.com/archives/6817

Country: Zimbabwe

3rd place http://www.iphoneff.com/archives/7318

Country: India

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