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iPhone Film Festival 2013: the winners

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The iPhone Film Festival (IFF) returned to the Macworld/iWorld expo in San Francisco, where it announced the winners live from the main stage at the Moscone West Center.

Paul Kent, vice president and general manager of Macworld/iWorld, described the IFF as one of the high points of this year’s event and the winning films were played on a loop throughout the three-day Expo.

IFF co-founder Ruben Kazantsev said: “This year we have realized that iPhone film making is not going anywhere. We had unbelievable films that take us with them on their adventure.”

Here are the winners of iPhone Film Festival 2013:

Best Film this year went to A little More Drama by Dutch director Johan Dijkstra and made  on an iPhone 5. It’s a follow-up to his iPhone 4 film ‘Little Drama’, made two years ago to test the 4′s camera capabilities. Both films are stylish teasers lacking dialogue that have potential to be developed into something greater.

Conrad Mess caps a busy year by taking the Best Short Film with some more Spanish-style ultra-violence in the shape of the 90-second Vengeance, which was shot on an iPhone 4S.

USA Trip 2012 :: iPhone 4s from Mike Staniforth | Filmmaker on Vimeo.

Best Cinematography deservedly went to British filmmaker Mike Staniforth, who made a short film on a iPhone 4s of his roadtrip down the west coast of the USA.

Lindi Ortega is not only a talented country singer-songwriter, but she is also gaining a reputation as an iPhone filmmmaker after her self produced and shot film for her new single Cigarettes & Truckstops won the award for Best Music Video. Ortega won the same award two years ago for her first video to promote her debut solo single Angels.

[iPHONE Music Video] GOODNIGHT SHINING from haewon Kim on Vimeo.

The Grand Prize Winner and my favourite from the year’s winners is Goodnight Shining, written, produced, and directed by Vio Kim. At 9:51, it is the longest and most ambitious entry. Is it a music video? roadtrip? Dark South Korean drama? It’s hard to tell, but that is its attraction. Goodnight Shining also includes a cracking soundtrack by Vidulgi Ooy that is more than a passing resemblance to Mogwai.

Here is what Kazantsev had to say about the winners:

  • This year’s Best Cinematography took us on a trip around USA and every time I watch the video I felt like I was with them, from east cost to west coast
  • Best Music Video goes to Lindi Ortega again who managed to capture our hearts with a simple song and a simple video. But it’s that simplicity that connects with everyone
  • Best Short film goes to, well none other than the brilliant Conrad Mess who was able to capture every emotion in a few minutes: hate, love, anger, fear and laughter
  • Our Best Film goes to Johan Dijkstra with a “Little More Drama” which was the continuation of “Little Drama”. Johan there was amazing camera angles and the story kept you wanting more
  • And finally our Grand Prize winner comes from South Korea by Vio Kim. Everything about this film was a masterpiece, cinematography, storyline, acting, etc. The fact that I knew exactly what was going with zero dialogue was amazing. There was so many get shots I can’t decide which one I like more, but I have to say to put the iPhone on a remote control helicopter was amazing!
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