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iPhone feature film Rideshare now available on iTunes

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Rideshare, on of the first feature films to be shot on an iPhone 4S is available to rent or buy on iTunes

First feature film shot entirely on the iPhone gets an all-digital release

“Oh my Buddha!” exclaims Donovan Cook in an email to to announce that Rideshare, his  full-length feature film shot entirely on an iPhone, is now available to rent or buy on  iTunes, Playstation, Xbox, Vudu and Amazon, through eOne Entertainment.

More than two years after it was made using five iPhones and a cast and crew of only 12, Cook’s live action, comedy, feature film, is finally available for digital download – either buy it for $14.99 or $3.99 to rent.

We managed to get a sneak preview of Rideshare a year ago – and loved it!

The film was shot on a budget of $34K and is a comedy about three, down and out, complete strangers who answer a Craigslist-like add to drive a car from Los Angeles to Washington, DC. As these unlikely companions bumble their way coast-to-coast, across the US, they record their epic, heartfelt adventure using iPhones.

The film stars Narisa Suzuki (Ecstasy of Gold), Susan Isaacs (Plains, Trains and Automobiles, Parks and Recreation), and improv veteran Ryan Fox (Romantic Weirdos).

Why shoot a film on iPhones? Director Donovan Cook explains: “I get this question a lot and the answer is simple because the story required it. It is built into the concept that the film is shot by the characters using iPhones that they have been given specifically for this purpose. My intention is that the audience quickly forget that they are watching the first full-length feature film shot with a phone because they get so wrapped up in the characters and their story.”

Rideshare is fast, funny and quirky – and yes there are times that you forget this is a film shot on an iPhone. Coming in at one hour 20 mins it is a fantastic achievement and takes the road movie genre to whole new level.



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