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iPhone camera to feature zoom – and slow motion (but not yet)

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The new iOS 7 camera app will include zoom, but we may have to wait for a slow motion function

New iOS 7 will provide zoom function to native camera app, with slow motion code hidden in beta mode

As many of us know, one of the most frustrating aspects of the iPhone’s native camera app was its lack of a zoom facility while recording.

I say “was” because when the new iOS 7 is released this autumn – the camera will feature its very own zoom button.

Up until now filmmakers have had to rely on third-party applications such as MoviePro, which as points out, “usually require post-processing once the video is over and they don’t integrate right into the lock screen like the native app.”

Check out the video below, using HD mode, to see how sharp the video is even with full zoom.

The video zoom will give you 2-3x, not quite as close as the still image zoom, but there is no post-processing necessary after you have shot your clip – it saves to your device just like a regular video and is ready for playback immediately.

Another feature of the new iOS 7 camera app that Apple is testing in beta is a slow motion function.

According to 9to5Mac there is hidden code in the new camera app codenamed ‘Mogul’ that will shoot video in slow motion, using high-speed video capture to provide an increased level of detail.

While its code exists in iOS 7 it is not compatible with existing devices due to hardware limitations, suggesting that only future iPhones would be capable of supporting the feature.

The new Samsung Galaxy S4 already offers a slow motion video capture mode, while current iPhones can only shoot at up to 30 FPS, though Apple has announced that iOS 7 will double that for certain devices.

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