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iPhone 5 latest: June release date and 3D imaging on the way

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Some digital cameras already boast 3D imaging, will we see it on iPhone and iPad soon?

Recent rumours surrounding new iPhone point to a June launch, with reports Apple are developing 3D software for iOS devices

While Facebook was busy buying mobile photo network Instagram for a cool $1bn (or insane $1bn, depending on your point of view) over the Easter weekend, there were a couple delicious iPhone rumours circulating deep in webosphere that we have plucked out and pimped up into a credible voice.

One such rumour that we particularly took note of is a possible launch of a new iPhone on 15 June, and not the autumn.

There is some credibility in this report, picked up by iPhone5NewsBlog, as it is the final day of World Wide Developers’ Conference (WWDC) 2012 in San Francisco, the traditional venue for iPhone and iOS launches.

We may also get an iOS6 update to boot, a distinct possibility as iOS5 was announced at WWDC 2011, but not the iPhone 4S, if you remember? That came later in October.

“Speculation over the iPhone 5 release date has cavatated back and forth between June and sometime in the fall, with some of the more reputable tech blogs taking opposing sides and trading claims of inside sources confirming one or the other. Our own inside source in Asia told us back in November that the iPhone 5 release date would be in June. So, for me at least, June 15th seems like a definite possibility,” says a recent post on iPhone5NewsBlog.

Speculation has increased by reports from China that Foxconn is flash-hiring 20,000 workers at its plant in Shenzen to work on a new Apple Product. The iPhone 5, perhaps?

Killer 3D camera for iOS devices?

We have already mentioned that the new iPhone may come with 4.6-inch displays but what about a 3D imaging camera that will apply to both still photography and video?

While there is no chance of this software being included in the next iPhone upgrade, it is an interesting development – and as people who use the iPhone for film-making is one that we should keep an eye on.

Our friends at Tab Times first spotted the story from the site Patently Apple. When and how the technology is implemented is open to speculation, but in a recent article, Patently Apple says it’s likely to become part of a future Apple device, such as a new version of the iPhone or iPad, the TT reports.

Patently Apple clearly likes the idea: “…the technology described in today’s invention will definitely provide iOS devices with the ability to view killer 3D images that could only be appreciated on Apple’s “Resolutionary” Retina Display. Apple’s resolutionary experience has only begun. With the ability to view stunning 3D imagery, photos and videos on our new iPad displays, the resolutionary experience is only going pop our brains even further,” it gushes.

Watch this space.


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