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IFF founders launch new Mobile Film Festival

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IFF co-founders Ruben Kazantsev and Renáta Rinyu at this year’s Olleh Festival in Seoul

Following success of the iPhone Film Festival (IFF) its organisers now hope to highlight work on other mobile devices with a brand new festival

Around the same time three years ago that Ruben Kazantsev founded the iPhone Film Festival (IFF) with his partner Renáta Rinyu the pair also launched a smartphone film festival website to include films made on other devices.

While the smartphone film festival never really took off, IFF has achieved a reputation as the premier festival for iPhone films, driven partly of course by the huge success of the Apple device as a filmmaking tool.

With a plethora of great smartphones now on the market, some with much better cameras than the iPhone, Kazantsev feels the time is right to cast his net wider and has launched the Mobile Film Festival to tap into the fantastic amount of films being made on these other devices.

“For the past three years we have been turning away submissions from non-iPhone filmmakers which didn’t sit right with us,” says Kazantsev, from his home Beverly Hills. “As you know we tried smartphone film festival a few years ago but the response was very low, there was the Nokia N8 and that was about it. Now with Samsung, particularly, in in the market we are seeing a lot of new great filmmakers.”

Kazantsev’s shift in strategy is primarily due to the tie-in this year between the IFF and Olleh International Smartphone Film Festival in Seoul, which attracted over 700 submissions for its awards. The ceremony was held last month and both Kazantsev and Rinyu attended as guests and Kazantsev says there a plans for a further collaboration with Olleh.

In the meantime, he says the new  Mobile Film Festival “is here to stay” and the website is already taking submissions, from any device.

“There are thousands of talented artists that don’t have the resources that major film companies have to create a film. However, we do have our talent and most importantly we have our creative instincts. This website was designed to give artist an avenue to show off their gifts to the world by simply using their talents, creativity – and their mobile device,” he says.

See the Mobile Film Festival website for more details on how to submit your film.

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