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iDream: new iPhone app becomes a dream catcher

A mass study into manipulating dreams hopes to turn participants’ iPhones into ‘dream factories’ using soundscapes

Keith Richards dreamed up the riff for I Can’t Get No Satisfaction while fast asleep, Paul McCartney woke up with the tune to Yesterday fully formed in his head and chemist Friedrich August Kekule dreamed about a snake grabbing its own tail, which led him to discover the circular structure of the benzene molecule.

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Keef catches up on 40 winks

In case you miss out on your own Eureka! moment while in slumberland, psychologist Richard Wiseman is setting up an experiment using a specially designed iPhone app that turns participants’  smartphones  into a ”dream factory”.

Wiseman says he expects thousands of people to take part in his experiment in manipulating people’s dreams.

Placed on the bed, the iPhone can detect when a sleeper is not moving, which signifies the onset of dreaming. The app then plays a carefully crafted “soundscape” designed to evoke pleasant scenes, such as walking in woods, or lying on a beach.

The idea is that this will influence dreaming, causing dreamers to conjure up situations and experiences inspired by the sounds they are hearing.

At the end of the dream the app sounds a gentle alarm to wake the dreamer, who submits a brief description of the dream to a ”dream catcher” database.

Wiseman, from the University of Hertfordshire, who is best known for his work on the paranormal, told the Press Association: “Getting a good night’s sleep and having pleasant dreams boosts people’s productivity, and is essential for their psychological and physical wellbeing. Despite this, we know very little about how to influence dreams. This experiment aims to change that.”

As many as 10,000 people are expected to take part in the mass-participationstudy, launched this week at the Edinburgh international science festival.

Wiseman teamed up with app developers Yuza, which created the Dream:ON software.

Participants will be encouraged to share their dreams via Facebook and Twitter.

Wiseman said depressed people dreamed far more than others, and often had negative dreams. “Perhaps improving their dreams might help them,” he added.

For the next Keith Richard or Paul McCartney it can also lead to immense satisfaction.

The Dream:ON app can be downloaded for free from iTunes or via the project site,

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