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How to use the Steadicam Smoothee when shooting with iPhone

Steadicam Smoothee hand held stabilizer Operations Manual Part 1 from H. Wilson45 on Vimeo.

Here is a very useful and fun piece of kit to get best results when shooting video on the iPhone.

These three short tutorials take you through the process from setting up and best practice to nailing that perfect tracking shot.

The shot through the window in part three is particularly impressive; of course you can do it with any old camera — you don’t need a Smoothee or iphone, but it looked good all the same – and I never knew how to get such a shot.

If you are starting out making films on your iPhone then these three videos will help you on the way.

Steadicam Smoothee is one of the sponsors in this year’s Iphone Film Festival.

Here are parts two and three of the tutorial:

Steadicam Smoothee hand held stabilizer Operations Manual Part 2 from H. Wilson45 on Vimeo.

Steadicam Smoothee Hand-held Stabilizer Operations Manual Part 3 from H. Wilson45 on Vimeo.

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