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Hipstamatic launches new video editing app

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Hipstamatic gets in the loop with its Cinematic video editing app

New video editing app called Cinamatic allows users to capture one, or multiple square-format shots, in rapid succession for a hip-looking video

First came Vine with its six-second shareable videos then Instagram joined the fray with 15-second videos and now Hipstamatic is in the loop by adding a stylised twist with its own iOS video editing app called Cinamatic.

Hipstamatic gained a reputation and loyal following from its launch in 2009 with its square-format photos and cool filters. Cinamatic uses the same formula as first you  take a square-format video of three to 15 seconds, then add one of the five analog-inspired filters to give each short masterpiece a retro feel.

Clips can be saved in the app for editing. Video-sharing on Cinamatic is integrated with Facebook, Vine, and Instagram, rather than through Hipstamatic’s own photo-sharing app Oggl.

Cinematic is initially a photo app as it allows  the users to capture one, or multiple square-format shots, in rapid  succession and then stitch them together for a hip-looking video.

To launch the app there are five filters to choose from – Darwin, Andrei, Marc, Bennett and Robert –  taking their inspiration from old school film cameras.

Lucas Buick, Hipstamatic founder,  says it took three years to create Cinamatic because its processing engine, which it received its first tech patent for, creates custom effects for each new clip.

“When it comes to video filters, colour grading footage just isn’t enough to make a clip interesting, unlike photo filters,” says Buick.

“The basics of our processing engine is reading the time of each clip recorded and building upon the transitions between clips,” he adds. “For example, if you record for more than five seconds continuously, the engine looks for something interesting in the clip to build a special effect from.”

Hipstamatic is selling Cinamatic for $1.99 in the App Store, with extra filters available  in its own digital marketplace.

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