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Gothic horror film on iPhone 5 produces out-of-this world effects

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A scene from The Other Side, an iPhone film from Conrad Mess

Spanish iPhone filmmaker Conrad Mess pushes VFX boundaries on iPhone 5 with short horror film

Conrad Mess takes iPhone filmmaking to a new level with his new short The Other Side, which has been filmed on green screen for CGI backgrounds, and the addition of special effects and advanced graphics in post production – a first for a smartphone film.

The 17-minute film is based on a horror tale written by Spanish writer Marina Gómez, and was shot in black and white on an iPhone 5, mixing what Mess told smartmoviemaking.com earlier “Victorian aesthetics and 3D graphics in horror comic style”.

Gomez’s script is a classic Victorian Gothic horror story, set in an old house with ghostly goings on. The filming is dark and atmospheric and also includes exceptional performances from a cast of five including Cristina Castaño, Pedro Pablo Isla, Jana Lafuente and Yaiza Grajales in the leading roles.

mess, other side, green screen, iPhone

A scene from The Other Side, which uses green screen for CGI backgrounds – a first for the iPhone

The Spanish production directed by Mess has already picked up one award – Best film in the 2013 Phonetastic-Sitges International Film Festival.

Despite the disappointment of a crowdfunding campaign not meeting its goal to raise €5,000($6,670) to pay for the special effects and a professional editor to work on the film, Mess managed to complete the project, and the results speak for themselves.

After ground-breaking successes with his previous iPhone films The Fixer in 2012 and The Asking Room in 2013, Mess has once again raised the bar for special effects filmed on an iPhone, and The Other Side is certain to pick up more awards at smartphone film festivals throughout 2014.

The shooting of The Other Side has meant a lot of hard work,” Mess told smartmoviemaking.com, “but it is a unique and innovative format that has made it worthwhile.”

Check out The Other Side here:

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