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Got 15 seconds? Enter Instagram video film festival

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Madonna showed off some of her dance moves on an Instagram video recently

Independent 15 Second Phone Fest launched to showcase best Instagram videos as short clips format takes off

First came Vine with its six-second video loop app, quickly followed by Instagram Video featuring 15-second clips and cinema video stabilisation.

There has been plenty of good content produced on both apps, with Instagram’s 15-second format proving extremely popular with filmmakers and even celebs such as Madonna, who posted some of her dance moves in a short clip.

So guess what? A 15secondphonefest has been launched aimed at showcasing the best Instagram videos.

“We’re not only looking for hardcore filmmakers, but anyone who owns a smartphone and has a little creativity,” says its founding director Patrice in an email to

“Why 15 Seconds? Ask Tout or Instagram. It forces filmmakers to get to the point right away, to tell a quick story and leaves their audience wanting more. Your audience will never drift away, tune out or walk out. Even the person with the shortest attention span will get your film!”

Tout is another mobile video publishing platform aimed at news, sports and entertainment brands allowing journalists, TV reporters and media companies of all types to capture 15-second video updates on their smartphone or tablets.

“We want your film if it’s original, dynamic, weird, touching, hysterical or thought-provoking. Anyone can shoot a 15-second film on their phone with just a little bit of planning and little to no budget,” says Patrice.

It costs $5 to submit a clip to the 15 Second Phone Fest. See website for more details.

• Want to know how to make an Instagram video? Here is an article that explains everything.

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