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Goldilocks woos iPhone Film Festival

Majek Pictures’ fantastic Goldilocks series romped away with the top prize in the iPhone Film Festival (IFF) awards. Korean filmmaker and iPhonographer Wonsuk Chin was also recognized winning two awards.

The Goldilock series, created by Anna Elizabeth James and Michael Koerbel, continues to push the boundaries of the iPhone’s film capabilities.

For those who haven’t seen the series, it is a must see, not only for the production qualities but for the simple reason it is a riveting mini-series about a female ex-agent forced back into service to recover top-secret information stolen by the bad guys. But she faces a dilemma – choosing between protecting the world, or saving her son.

The series just gets better and better with each episode (number nine has just been completed) but what particularly attracted the judges was the innovative use of the iPhone 4, such as the now famous glass of wine scene, which had an iPhone inside a sealed sandwich bag placed at the bottom of the glass. As IFF judge Miguel Johnson said: ‘Other directors with endless supplies of resources would have had a special glass made for the one scene, this group found a way to save money while expanding their creativity.’

Majek wins the grand prize that includes the following: Owle Bubo by ALM Live, iPhone Point’n’Shoot by Zacuto, lenses from USB Fever and a kickback g4 by Scosche.

Second place went to Remembrance (A Ghost Story), written & directed by Craig Anthony Perkins that again showed what an iPhone is capable of in the right hands. The atmospheric mini horror featured sublime editing and overall quality production.

‘It’s difficult portraying a “scary” short film within a few minutes. You must bring the audience into the scene, make them part of the film and instill fear within a matter of minutes. This film does that exactly,’ commented Johnson.

In third place came the intriguing La Valigia, a fashion shoot but with a difference and written, edited and directed by Wonsuk Chin.

La Valigia attracted the judges’ attention because it was a ‘very well written story that encapsulates contemporary film with older 1800′s style films’.

Glimpses from my iPhone to the sounds of Bollywood bites from TheFilm Artist on Vimeo.

Glimpses from my iPhone to the sounds of Bollywood bites won Best Cinematography section. A British entry, made by The Film Artist, it captures the edginess on London’s mean streets – all to a Bollywood soundtrack.

There was a lot of competition in this section but The Film Artist beat all comers because of what the judges described as ‘awesome use of the camera and shots. The music perfectly matched the films tempo and ambiance’.

Finally, Best Music Video went to Chin (picking up his second prize in this year’s festival) for 가로수길 and shooting what he believed to be Korea’s first iPhone 4 music video.

A truly great advert for the iPhone’s capabilities, the IFF judges liked its special message that transcended language and culture and were particularly impressed with the use of transitions and a meaningful story.

After the success of the inaugural IFF, an IFF2 has been announced for this autumn, the site is already taking submissions and open to anyone with a cameraphone, vision and a creative edge.

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