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Gear we like: the Mobislyder for smartphones

The Mobislyder

The Mobislyder

Thanks to FX Films for adding their promo video for the Mobislyder camera stabilizer to the smartmoviemaking channel on vimeo.

It may look like a skateboard with luminous green feet, but the Mobislyder is a highly practical piece of kit designed to capture those difficult smooth tracking shots.

Attach your iPhone, smartphone, compact camera and even smaller DSLRs and guide the device along its smooth rails to eliminate camera shake. The mounts swivel around so that the glider track can be used at any angle – and it weighs under half a kilogram, so you can use it anywhere.

The Mobislyder is not out yet, but preorders are being taken from the website and it costs a reasonable $135, which is a much cheaper option than a professional camera stabiliser.

If you get hold of one let us know the results – or even better, show us!

Here’s the promo video:

Mobislyder from Glidetrack on Vimeo.

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