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Free music for film-makers from Moby


Moby: giving it all away

Musical maestro, renowned Vegan, animal rights activist and all-round good egg Moby is giving up some of his music to film-makers — for free.

Go to where you will find more than 120 tracks of his ‘film music’ that is free to download for use in features or shorts.

Moby’s only stipulation is: “The music is free as long as it’s being used in a non-commercial or non-profit film, video, or short, ” he says on the site. “If you want to use it in a commercial film or short then you can apply for an easy license, with any money that’s generated being given to the humane society.”

To download music go to the page and get a login and use in good faith.

● Do you know of any other sites or musicians who allow free use of music for film soundtracks? Let us know!

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