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Flick Launch on Facebook and using torrents to distribute your work


Flick Launch is a new Facebook video-on-demand service primarily for indie film-makers who own the rights to their work and can put it out where every they choose.

Not sure how it works because Facebook are not taking a cut of rentals, which are from $1 to $5, but they do get 30% on FB credits. You can apparently pay for films via Paypal as well as FB credits.

It’s one to watch for smartmoviemakers looking at finding ways to get their films in the public domain, especially those working on features and serials.

Another way of distributing your smart movies is via a torrent. Lithuanian independent movie production company Iron Cat recently struck a deal with the country’s most popular torrent tracker, LinkoManija, to distribute its new film Barzda.

Both examples illustrate how the internet is fundamentally changing the creative industry and allowing artists (copyright holders) to distribute their work whether it’s visual, audio or print via torrents or through social media networks.

And why not? What has an indie artist got to lose; better to get your work out there than stay in relative obscurity. File-sharing is not all about piracy.

As Torrentfreak says: ‘It may not be in the interests of the MPAA and the major movie studios, but it seems that BitTorrent does indeed democratize culture and media, whether they like it or not’.

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