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First look: the Philips PicoPix Pocket projector

Philips PicoPix PPX 3610

The Philips PicoPix PPX 3610 projector is compatible with smartphones and runs on Android

Dutch manufacturer’s new mobile device is perfect for showing videos on the go – and is compatible with smartphones

We are currently checking out a number of pocket projectors to use with our iPhone Popup Film Festival and we rather like the look of Dutch manufacturer Philips’ latest device, the PicoPix PPX 3610.

It runs on Android software, so you dont need a laptop or PC and offers 100 lumens of light when connected to the mains – 55 lumens when running from its rechargeable battery.

The device measures 105 x 105 x 31.5mm and weighs 284g, so ideal for showing content on the move.

It will also beam a screen size  up to 120-inches (304.8cms) wide. The pixel resolution of only 854 x 480 is not great for cinema but it runs on Android 2.3.1, so can handle files stored on a USB drive without the need for an extra source.

The new Philips projector is also Wi-Fi-enabled and includes native support for a mouse and keyboard.

Because of the Android OS, there’s also a web browser on board, and DLNA compatibility means it can be used to stream content from external network boxes – even smartphones, which is why we are interested in the PicoPix PPX 3610.

It comes with a mini HDMI port and can accept an SD card for extra storage. There’s also a handy 4GB internal storage packed into the device.

It will be available in the UK and Europe in July for €499 euros (£379).

• Source doc: projectorpoint.co.uk

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