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Finland reign supreme in mobile phone throwing championship

The Olympic Games and London 2012 were a resounding success on many levels (how many golds again for Team GB?), but one event it didn’t  host was the 13th annual mobile phone throwing world championship.

That honour went to the Finnish town of Savonlinna, where contestants gathered from all over the world to hurl their handsets into the air in an act of either good riddance, defiance or simply for the sheer hell of it.

And at this year’s event, which held the weekend of 18 August, a new world record was set.

Ere Karjalainen delighted the home crowd with a record throw of 101, 46m (332 feet), beating last year’s champion Oskari Heinonen into third with a 86,94 hurl. He said drinking the day before definitely improved his performance, can’t imagine Bradley Wiggins using that training regimen.

South African Jeremy Gallop came second with a 94,67m throw.

Mobile Phone Throwing World Championships, Finland

Screen-grab from the mobile phone throwing world championships, held in Finland and won by the hosts

A Finn also won the women’s competition when Joanna Mattero threw a handset 42,47m.

The mobile phone throwing championship, in case you were wondering, consists of three categories; over the shoulder, freestyle and an under-12s section.

On the event website, organisers describe mobile phone throwing as ‘a phenomenon [that] speaks to people and interests all over the world.’

We’re not sure if these people own iPhones, I wouldn’t dream of lobbing mine on the bed, never mind 100 metres into the air.

All phones are recycled after the competition.

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