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Entry deadline nears for International Mobil Film Festival 2014

International Mobil Film Festival , san diego, smartphone

Winners of last year’s International Mobil Film Festival hit the red carpet in sunny San Diego

Now in its fourth year, Californian mobile film festival goes from strength to strength

The deadline for this year’s International Mobil Film Festival is 1 February 2014, with a red carpet awards ceremony in San Diego, California in April.

Criteria for entries is simple: all films must be shot on a smartphone and be one to five minutes in length.

Categories include a main section and specialist categories such as: ‘Ultimate Mobile Category’ for films shot and edited on a smartphone, and a ‘Community Stories’ category for families and children to enter.

Now in its fourth year, the International Mobil Film Festival was created by Susan Botello and with its emphasis on youth and education is steadily establishing itself as one of the finer smartphone film festivals.

“Our main goal is that anyone is able to enter our film festival. This is a partnership with organisations to help you get your foot in the filmmaking and media door,” says Botello.

Last year’s awards ceremony, held at Grossmont College, San Diego, featured 19 entries and organisers are expecting more this year, with the increase in popularity over the past 12 months of filmmaking on mobile phones.

The International Mobil Film Festival is free to enter – so get your smartphone video in by following this link, if you haven’t already!

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