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Entire films squeezed into a single Gif, as seen on Reddit

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Watch the whole of The Big Lebowski in a 60-second Gif

If you ever feel the need to re-watch a cult classic, but haven’t got the time these days then check out this subreddit called Full Movie GIFs, where you can watch 40-second versions of movies in hyperspeed, from opening to closing credits.

Already up are cult classics including Ridley Scott’s Blade Runner Final Cut (117 minutes) and other films such as The Big  Lebowski, Fifth Eelement, Top Gun, WarGames, Aliens, Pacific Rim, Finding Nemo and Avatar – with more added to the list every day.

The animated clips have been turned into mini-length movie Gifs that run through every single scene of a movie in an unfiltered lens.

Subreddit moderator matt01ss told Wired he wanted users to give movie-lovers another perspective. “I thought it would be interesting to see what an entire film would look like in a quick GIF form. You see interesting things with color changes, camera angles and overall production style when viewed in this fashion,” he said.


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