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Eight easy pieces: first ‘album’ released on Vine app

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Scottish musician Aidan John Moffat has release his latest ‘album’ on Vine

Aidan John Moffat, aka L Pierre, uses six-second video looping app to create eight pieces of original visuals and music exclusive to Vine

Last week we featured the first movie trailer released on Instagram, the 15-second video app, this week we bring news of the first album to be released on Vine, the original video loop app with a six-second time span.

The Eternalist by Scottish musician Aidan John Moffat (aka L Pierre, and perhaps best known as half of iconic Scots duo Arab Strap with Malcolm Middleton) uses the platform’s endless looping to create an ‘album’ of eight Vine videos containing specially created music and visuals. See the first video in the series below.

Moffat’s Vine album uses natural, ambient sounds from field recordings, soft instruments and other samples to soothe you into a meditative state with visuals of lava, leaves, crashing waves and a chameleon.

He also offers suggestions on how to best listen to the album: in the Vine app, which has the best functionality for the smoothest audio looping and through headphones for the clearest sound, Mashable reports.

Under his pseudonym, L Pierre, Moffat released, The Island Come True album earlier this year that also embraced repetition.

The Eternalist can be found in the Vine app under the username LPierreMusic, where you will find more of his ambient tunes and seamless looping.

His Vine videos can also be found on L.Pierre’s Twitter and Tumblr accounts.

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