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Dot, the panoramic video camera for iPhone 4, coming soon

dot panoramic camera lens

The Dot slides over the iPhone lens for 360-degree panoramic view

Kogeto’s 360-degree panoramic video camera called simply: Dot is almost ready for release and the company will be taking pre-orders from its website on 30 July.

As reported on on 3 June, the Dot will allow your iPhone to capture immersive, fully navigable, panoramic video in real-time. Dot footage can also be shared with friends from the iPhone via social networks including Facebook and Twitter, and live-streamed using Kogeto’s SaaS-based web platform.

The project was funded on Kickstarter, becoming one of its most successful to date by securing $120,514 with more than 1,000-backers in less than six weeks.

“Kickstarter provided a platform for Kogeto to demonstrate Dot’s capabilities even before it went to market. We’ve seen camera and video enthusiasts to the everyday consumer join Dot on this journey to new features and capabilities, manufacturing and getting her ready for the market place,” said Jeff Glasse, chief executive of Kogeto.

“This is the final stretch before Dot is on iPhones everywhere capturing and sharing experiences panoramically, in real-time.”

Dot’s companion iPhone application, Looker, which integrates directly with Kogeto’s SaaS web platform, will be available as a free download upon Dot’s launch date.

Weighing just 15-grams, the Dot is an accessory for the iPhone’s camera lens, and requires no extra battery power or memory beyond standard camera use.

The Dot is made from durable and lightweight polycarbonate plastic and has a slim profile for the custom optic to automatically align with the built-in iPhone 4 cameras and without affecting the iPhone’s design.

Also, because all iPhone 4s come equipped with an internal compass and GPS, Looker can intuitively learn where in the world a video is being uploaded from and the position of that iPhone at the time of capture.

Even more interesting to smart moviemakers is that when two or more Dots are in one location, Looker can link videos from those Dot users together, allowing a viewer to jump from one perspective to another at the same event.

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