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Director’s viewfinder app for Android smartphones

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The Cadrage viewfinder app, available for Android-only smartphones

Distant Blue Mobile Solutions, are two enterprising app developers from Austria who have released a director’s viewfinder on the Android operating system to enable accurate framing when previewing a shot on any professional camera.

This app, called Cadrage, turns your phone into a director’s viewfinder and enables you to preview the framing of your camera with a specific lens. You can then save this preview along with format, focal length, date, time and geotag. It’s ideal for blocking out shots and location scouting, the developers, Daniel & Anselm, told

“A special feature is the calibration tool: We found that with Android phones the manufacturer’s specifications for the built-in cameras are mostly incorrect. By calibrating the camera the previews become much more accurate. This also allows the use of any wide-angle adapter on the phone,” they said.

Besides modern digital cinema cameras (including Arri, RED, Sony, Canon) the database includes all analogue film formats and DSLRs. For almost every camera you can choose the aspect ratio and for some even the shooting mode (eg 4K, 3K, 2K resolution for RED cameras). The app also allows to choose between prime and zoom lenses.

The Cadrage is available on Android only at present (we’ll let you know if the developers release an iOS version) and is available from the Google Play Store at €9.99 ($10.99), and looks well worth the money.

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