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Competition hots up for iPhone Film Festival as submission deadline looms

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Jett Loe, an award-winning journalist and director, is on the judges' panel for IFF3

Organisers of the iPhone Film Festival 3 (IFF3) are busy sifting through and uploading latest entries to the site as the deadline for submissions draws to a close.

On the back of a successful Macworld | iWorld 2012 presentation in January, which certainly helped raise the profile of iPhone film-making in general, co-founders Ruben Kazantsev and Renáta Rinyu are ensconced in their Beverly Hills home putting finishing touches to the IFF3′s awards that will be held online in May with over $3,000 in prizes up for grabs

Added to the roster of IFF  judges for the the third awards are Kathleen Gati, Iván Kamarás, Jett Loe and  Eirini Nikopoulou.

Kazantsev told smartmoviemaking.com: “Once again we have been overwhelmed with hundreds of submissions and as always and our judges will have a hard time picking the winners.”

The iPhone Film Festival was the first such festival dedicated to the Apple smartphone and remains the premier online event in this genre.

Kazantsev also revealed that he has something “revolutionary planned for the beginning of 2013 that will change iPhone film-making and film-making in general.”

What exactly, he wouldn’t reveal, but when pressed further he said: “We can not get into details since it is a huge project and do not want to announce it until its 100% confirmed.

“We know there will be a lot of copycats, but we welcome the competition since that only brings awareness to the film-makersand unlike other festivals we take care of our film-makers and sponsors because they are apart of our family, the iPhone FIlm Festival family.”

Ruben Kazantsev, IFF3, iphone film-making, iphones

Ruben Kazantsev and Renata Rinyu, founders of the iPhone Film Festival. Photo: Jett Loe /The Film Talk

One of the options that is proving popular with other online film festivals is Facebook voting, but Kazantsev says he is against the idea.

“The way we look at FB voting systems is it’s not only a way for a website to gain FB followers but it is also not fair for the film-maker. For example, you can have a winning film but if a 12-year-old has more FB followers then his entry is going to win, regardless of the standard of work,” he said.

Speaking of IFF3 Kazantsev said: “Our goal with our  film-makers is to keep them making films, we don’t want one hit wonders, and we are honoured to have Craig Anthony Perkins back after winning IFF1 with Remembrance.”

Perkins showed his second iPhone film, Isobel & The Witch Queen, at the Macworld presentation and his latest The Haunting at Danford Cabin is an entry in the IFF3.

British-basedThe Film Artist, a winner of IFF1 with Glimpses from my iPhone to the Sounds of Bollywood Bites is another prolific film-maker with several submissions in contention for an award.

Kazantsev is also thrilled to welcome back Spanish film-maker Conrad Mess, whose debut The Fixer blew the judge away and was voted winner of IFF2 .

Mess is busy trying to get his latest iPhone film, Russian Roulette, ready in time for the 30 April 2012 submission deadline.

Kazantsev  said it’s been a busy last four months, but as the interest grows in making films on iOS devices and other smartphones, the iPhone Film Festival finds itself at the forefront of new wave cinema — and if future projects come to fruition it looks like it will be taking the lead for years to come.

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