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Comic-Con 2011: Coppola the DJ spins his latest movie

Big-shot directors are all over this year’s Comic-Con meet up in San Diego but none have raised eyebrows quite so as Francis Ford Coppola when he told a gathering about his plans to promote his new horror film Twixt.

Coppola said Twixt was conceived as a way to inject a live feel into cinema — and the 72-year-old want to become a DJ, touring around the country with a kind of mash-up of his movie and performing unique versions for audiences.

Francis Ford Coppola

Coppola outlines his vision at Comic-Con 2011

Take it away Mr Coppola: “Why do movies have to be canned. I mean, everything else is…. Cable news is entertainment. If it’s not canned, it’s certainly predigested. Politics is entertainment, and it’s predigested. Everything. All we have that’s vaguely alive are the concerts you go to, some theatre or sports.”

Accompanied onstage by musician Dan Deacon and actor Val Kilmer (who plays the writer in the movie), Coppola used a touchpad to select random scenes from Twixt as Deacon tweaked the soundtrack.

Twixt is about a horror writer who discovers vampires and strange goings-on in a small town. During one segment screened by Coppola, Kilmer’s character brainstorms alone in his hotel room. Coppola and his tech crew spliced together different mixes of the montage, during which Kilmer assumed various personas.

The interactive element in Twixt is the latest creative impulse from the innovative director.

“What I’d love to do is go on tour,” he said, “like a month before the film opened, and go to all the cities myself, with my collaborators, with live music and actually perform the film for each audience uniquely for them — a different version for each audience. That’s what opera was like.”

The Apocalypse Now and Godfather director said he’s always had a soft spot for 3-D cinema, but doesn’t like wearing special glasses to watch a movie.

“Movies are so young,” he said. “I mean, barely a hundred years old. How dare anyone think that all [cinema's] got up its sleeve is some more 3-D…. Cinema has many more surprises that you and your children will invent, because it’s at the beginning of this expression of image and sound, in many ways. Music and theatre are thousands of years old. Cinema’s a baby.”

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