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Cine-Phone International Film Festival working for the collective good

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Let’s go mobile: Cine-phone International Film Festival is now accepting submissions on any device

Spanish-based film association offers international mobile filmmakers help and a platform for showcasing their work

“Every story begins with a first step”, says David Cornadó and increasingly that first step is being taken on a smartphone when it comes to making a film.

Cornadó is a Spanish web programmer and analyst and a co-founder of the nonprofit Lokuos Films and a founding member of the Cine-phone International Film Festival (CIFF), which launched last year.

Cornadó says CIFF was created as an accessible channel for people who share a concern and passion for cinema.

Another factor was the current global economic crisis and the lack of funding for students who want to study in film institutes. Cinephone and Lukuos Films are based outside of Barcelona and the Spanish economy has been hit particularly hard.

“We thought it would be a good idea to contact groups not only in Spain, but all over the world interested in filmmaking so we can evolve together and share our experiences,” says Cornadó.

david cornado

David Cornadó

With Smart movie making (films made on mobile phones) that goal in now possible because of the rapid technological evolution of mobile telephony where the recording of images in high definition with features such as stabilizing movement and white balance correction allow high quality cinematographic works.

“The strong reception given to smartphones in the world of cinema has revolutionized the industry,” says Cornadó.

Cine-phone is different to other festivals because it maintains a strong collaborative ethos with participants through social networks at every level.

“Our goal is not to do business, but to create a meeting point for a group of people with similar interests,” he says.

To encourage young or inexperienced filmmakers, Cine-phone has created a handy and practical blog on how to get started making films on mobile devices.

“We know that our audience is very dynamic and we endeavour to maintain open communication channels with them and we offer a two-way communication to all those who communicate with us,” says Cornadó.

“Cine-phone can only exist if there are people interested in maintaining this collaborative spirit we try to convey, encouraging everyone to submit their short films and giving added value by offering the opportunity to discuss their projects.”

Deadline for submissions to CIFF 2013 is 31 August and entries must be submitted in any of the following video formats: MPEG-2, MPEG-4, H.264, FLV, AVI or WMV. Short films must not exceed 15 minutes and there is a €800 prize for the first jury award.

Download this PDF for complete list of rules and guidelines on how to submit your work.

• There is a permanent exhibition of mobile films presented by Cine-phone at  Mobile World Center in Barcelona and in Barcelona FNAC stores

Thanks to Mosaic website for additional information.

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