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Chinese ‘dream’ phone a serious rival to the iPhone

Reports from China suggest there will soon be a serious rival to Apple’s iPhone. Chinese manufacturer Meizu is developing the Meizu MX, dubbed ‘the dream’ because of its advanced features.

Its current model, the M9, is making waves in the Chinese market, reports website tech2, but the updated model will attract a wider audience because of its advanced features such as a 4-inch retina display; all Apple iPhones have 3.5-inch displays. The Meizu MX mobile phone will also have a minimum 16GB of hard disk space and 1GB RAM.

The MX is also likely to possess a dual-core processor that will run on Android 2.3 or later. Another significant factor is its body, the Chinese are making the MX less than a hundredth of an inch thinner than the iPhone 4.

Nokia go for the entertainment crowd with the X7

Nokia has also announced a new model, the Nokia X7, aimed at the entertainment market that will sit alongside the N8, which is proving popular with smart moviemakers.

According to press reports, the X7 includes a large 4″ display ideal for gaming, and an 8MP camera for capturing pictures and HD-quality video. The X7 will look the business with a seamless stainless steel and glass body.

The Nokia X7 and E6 (aimed at the business market) are also the first smartphones to contain the complete update of the Symbian software user experience.

Future still bright for OmniVision

Forbes Magazine is reporting that while shares from OmniVision Technologies fell earlier this month by 11% after reports that it was no longer supplying camera technology to the Apple iPhone, the company remains in a strong position.

Sony was rumoured to have won the contract for supplying lenses to the iPhone5, but Forbes reports that OmniVision is still supplying Apple.

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