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Charging in the streets: Vitaminwater bus shelters provide juice for iPhones

Vitaminwater’s chargers in bus shelters is part of its 'You’re Up' campaign

The next time you are out filming on your iPhone (in the United States only for now) and your device runs out of juice, no need to fret – check out that bus shelter over the road and if it’s carrying a Vitaminwater ad chances are it will be loaded with a USB port for charging.

The shelters are currently in Boston, Chicago, Los Angeles, and New York (what, no San Francisco?) and are branded ‘Alternative Energy Source’ to describe both the Vitaminwater product and the function of the bus shelter plug.

Is this an ad gimmick or a sign of the future and an increasingly mobile lifestyle? The way energy leaches from the iPhone 4 when filming or running several apps at a time suggests that the plug-in could offer an emergency stop-gap for smart moviemakers hell-bent on getting that shot, whatever the cost.

As several websites have pointed out, public plug-ins are nothing new; Samsung has had charging kiosks in several airports for many years.

But this is a first for charging in the streets, usually the one place that you really need to plug in and charge up.

And, as social media site Mashable, says: ‘It would be wonderful to see more advertisers providing this type of public service, giving their products and potential customers a plug’.

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