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CES 2012: tablets and wafer-thin laptops to dominate

Lady Gaga at CES

Pop star Lady Gaga visited the Polaroid booth at the 2010 International Consumer Electronics Show. Photograph Robyn Beck/Getty Images

The Consumer Electronics Show (CES 2012), which opens Tuesday 10 January in Las Vegas, will not be graced by Apple, but its presence will be keenly felt nonetheless.

That’s because tablets and ultra-thin laptops will take centre stage, a trend started of course with the advent of the iPad and MacBook Air.

CES 2012 is one of the tech world’s premier trade events where companies choose to launch their latest gadgets.

Microsoft has announced this will be its last year of using CES as a major platform and has already shown off its latest version of Windows (Windows 8), which has been adapted for both laptops and tablets. But Steve Ballmer is scheduled to do the opening keynote so it’s possible he will reveal more versions of the OS and possibly some more prototype hardware.

Microsoft’sphone-makingpartnerNokiawillbeholding a press event at CES 2012, a rarity for the Finnish manufacturer, so expect Windows, the Xbox, and phones to be in the news.

Nokia is rumored to be introducing a new version of its Windows Phone handsets, a larger version specifically aimed at the US.

Tech writers are also predicting a slew of new Android phones and tablets in varying shapes and sizes including a ’waterproof tablet’, handy for the bath I suppose.

Although the mobile industry traditionally launches new phones and tablets at next month’s Mobile World Congress, many manufacturers may steal a few weeks of publicity and go big at CES 2012.

We’ve already mentioned that Sony Ericsson may choose CES to launch a brand new ‘superphone’ with a 13mp camera, in Vegas next week so it will be interesting to see if it delivers, and also what its competitions come up with.

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