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Brighton Digital Festival is full of surprises

Italian Job

'Star' in your own crime caper at the Brighton Digital Festival

The Brighton Digital Festival is up and running for the whole of September and is a kind of geek heaven on the south coast of England — think SXSW.

Up and coming is Flash on the Beach international digital conference that runs from 11 to 14 September and a definite highlight of the festival.

Three days of design, code, inspiration and networking, Flash on the Beach brings together digital designers, developers and artists to share, educate and inspire with speakers this year including Joshua Davis, a New York based artist, designer, and technologist.

Also running for the duration of the festival on various dates and times is Blast Theory’s locative cinema piece A Machine to See With.

Sign up online with your mobile number. On the day, you receive a call, arrive at your allotted street corner and receive instructions. From hiding money to meeting up with a partner in crime, it’s up to you to deal with a bank robbery and its aftermath.

I took part in a performance earlier this week and all I can say is you need nerves of steel to complete the mission. It was not what I expected. I can’t say too much or else it will give away the plot and outcome – but it will reveal hidden truths about your character.

A Machine to See With is essentially a jolly jape around Brighton, and like all good heist movies it has a twist at the end. I can guarantee you won’t be left hanging off a cliff, on a coach with a stack of gold sliding towards the edge as in The Italian Job. Other than that I’m keeping stum.

Honor Harger, director at Lighthouse, one of the coordinators of Brighton Digital Festival, told

“Brighton Digital Festival has really transformed Brighton into the most vibrant meeting of digital movers and shakers outside South by South West. Where else do you get to see leading digital thought-leaders like Kevin Slavin, Matt Locke and Don Norman, alongside major international names in digital art such as Blast Theory, Semiconductor, Julian Oliver and Joshua Davis?

“Unlike other big, centrally-planned festivals, Brighton Digital Festival has been bootstrapped by our local digital community. An amazing group of designers, developers, artists, community groups and tech companies have donated their time and energy into making this September a month of the fabulous, the futuristic and the unfathomable. As an organisation committed to supporting and celebrating digital culture, we are thrilled that Lighthouse is at the heart of it all.”

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