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Björk’s Biophilia: an album written for the future


Bjork's Biophilia was created in collaboration with iPad app designers to create an interactive musical experience

Björk’s Biophilia is not just any old album, it comes with a suite of iPad and iPhone apps and is a whole new listening experience

Björk: Biophilia – review

As smart moviemakers we are at the cutting edge of the digital revolution, and as you are aware by now this website celebrates artists from all genres who are defying convention and using the very latest technology to try out something new.

Björk’s new album/app Biophilia is released today (10 October). It is an amazing and inspiring piece of work that has been praised to the heavens, which is apt because its conception comes from a far-out cosmic universe but is grounded by brilliant design and fantastic compositions.

Only Björk and a handful of other composers – Philip Glass, Steve Reich et al – could possibly achieve this kind of result and provoke this sort of debate on whether or not all music in the future will be performed and delivered this way.

At a recent talk during this year’s Alpha-ville festival on a post digital culture Scott Snibbe described the experience of Biophilia to buying a vinyl LP, putting it on the player, reading the album notes, and falling in love with the music by way of a complete immersive experience.

Biophilia is the first album to be released on a suite of iPad and iPhone apps, as a well as a traditional CD, and Snibbe, a media artist and developer, was part of the team that helped Björk develop the groundbreaking app.

Here is a video of a talk by Snibbe from the Picnic Festival on how the Biophilia app came to fruition:

Björk, never an artist to shy away from trying something new, told Wired magazine her intentions with Biophilia was to “to define humanity’s relationship with sound and the universe; to pioneer a musical format that will smash industry conventions; and to make good on an ambition that, at the age of 45, she has harboured for more than three decades.”

That ambition is to set up her own music school to promote music as an expressive, intuitive art form with less emphasis on the academic and historical aspects of learning music. In short to look to the future and not to the past.

Biophilia is all about the future, whether that future is the future of the music industry we shall wait and see.

For now it certainly smashes industry conventions and it has made people sit up and take note, which is what all good art should do.

The music, of course, is fantastic; we have streamed it all week in the office. As it plays in the background it penetrates the foreground of your mind, cajoling you to think again about the way you create.

Buy it, download it, listen to it, interact with it via the apps, but most of all dig it and fall in love with it like the old school way; because with Biophilia Björk has put back some humanity into popular music; by being daring and bold herself and most of all by not being afraid.

Explore Biophilia, the album and the app, here:

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