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BitTorrent sync wants to be your secure peer-to-peer Dropbox

bittorrent sync

BitTorrent Sync hits 1m monthly active users and releases an API to allow developers to integrate the syncing service into apps

From the Guardian: Service hits a million monthly users and releases a developer API for app integration on the desktop and mobile, writes Samuel Gibbs

BitTorrent Sync, the secure file syncing service from the famous peer-to-peer sharing service now has an API for integrating into existing apps, just like Dropbox and others.

The API will allow developers to build support for Sync into all manner of apps, including media players, office applications and anything that needs to sync files securely between computers or mobile devices without the need for a cloud server.

“We want to enable developers to build an alternative way for the Internet to work – one that does not rely on centralised servers,” said a BitTorrent spokesperson.

Syncing files without the cloud

Now boasting one million monthly active users, Sync allows users to keep files up-to-date over multiple computers using a distributed network, rather than the traditional route of syncing back and forth to a cloud server – a building block to enable users to build a private cloud.

Files to be shared are broken into small chunks, encrypted, and sent to many pre-selected devices. From there, they can be re-downloaded by other computers, even before the full file exists on a machine other than the source.

Using what BitTorrent calls “encryption secret”, the files can be encrypted before being distributed between computers, allowing files to be securely stored on computers or remote servers that may not themselves be secure.

A decentralised version of the internet

Developers will now have access to a BitTorrent Sync API, which will be open to all and will allow both integration with Sync and development of new applications on top of the Sync platform.

“We hope to spark developer creativity and empower them to build applications that help expand a decentralised version of the internet free from heavy reliance on servers,” a BitTorrent spokesperson said.

• In October, BitTorrent teased a secure chat program that works in a similar way to BitTorrent Sync in the wake of the NSA revelations

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