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Big-screen moviemaking comes to the touchscreen with Avid Studio for iPad

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The new Avid Studio for iPad app

New iPad video editing app from Avid shows early promise, apart from a couple of early teething problems

Redesigned iPad 3 with 8-megapixel camera pictured for the first time

Mobile film-making became a lot easier (and cheaper) this month with the release of video editing software Avid Studio for iPad.

The app is now available for an introductory $4.99 (regular price will be $7.99), and is a clear competitor to Apple’s iMovie for iOS (which is also available on iPhone).

But is it any better? The interface on the iPad version mirrors Avid’s desktop video-editing suite, and iMovie or Final Cut Pro X users will find a certain similarity with iOS software.

So far the main criticism has been that the Avid app is liable to annoying crashes.

“Avid Studio for iPad has great potential as a mobile video editing solution, but it proved too unstable to be useful. If the app didn’t crash so much, I would gladly replace iMovie with Avid for simple video editing on the go. The app crashed a lot rendering it nearly useless,” writes Kevin Purcell at

Other users have complained of the interface looking out of place in relation to the Apple ecosystem, but the app is version 1.0 so no doubt many of the initial bugs will be ironed out with an update.

In his article Avid Studio for iPad smokes iMovie for iOS on, independent film-maker Paul Skidmore likes what he sees.

“This tasty little app at this tiny price-point may go a long way to convincing Apple users that Avid cares about editors. It should at least cause some of the most die-hard FCP users to look at Media Composer as an alternative to their FCPX frustrations,” he writes.

“Avid was long the reigning champ for film post-production, and still holds a huge stronghold on the post market. This awesome little app shows that Avid is up for the tussle, and they’re not going away any time soon.”

The one drawback that Skidmore point out is thus: “The goal here is clear: show existing Apple customers how great Avid’s products are, and hope they’ll flock to their more expensive products. And I have to say, as someone who has kind of stood in defence of FCPX, Avid has made a pretty good case. The only drawback with this strategy is that Avid’s companion, Avid Studio for desktop, is for the PC. While this little app is amazing on the iPad (and blows iMovie away in a number of areas), it’s a far leap to Media Composer from here.”

I haven’t downloaded the app yet, or any other video editing software for the iPad, so would be keen to hear your views or recommendations

What is clear is that the iPad is becoming a content creator, and not simply a content consumer. It is now possible to edit a full-length movie on the fly (literally if you are on a long-haul flight), in bed, in a café or on the metro without lugging a heavy laptop around, and at $4.99 it’s, well, a swipe.









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  1. Dj No More says:

    Avid has far to go to compete with the iMovie. I started a project on Avid for iPad and it kept crashing. i later completed the work with ease using iMovie (including the free music)

  2. Dj No More says:

    Avid has far to go to compete with the iMovie. I started a project on Avid for iPad and it kept crashing. i later completed the work with ease using iMovie (including the free music)
    The project ;

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