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Best iPhone accessory of 2011? The Glif, and it just got better

Christmas gift idea #3 The Glif — don’t leave home without it

The GlifWithout a doubt my best purchase of this year was the Glif for my iPhone 4.

Small, simple, elegant — and extremely practical, The Glif is an iPhone 4/4S accessory with two primary functions: mounting your iPhone onto a tripod and propping up your devices at various angles. The simplicity of the Glif also makes it extremely practical.  Mount your iPhone to a tripod, in my case a Joby GorillaPod, for taking great pictures or making movies.

The Glif also allows you to prop your iPhone up for hands-­free Face Timing or to watch videos! It’s totally cool, and initially funded through the Kickstarter scheme.

Following its success, the developers Tom and Dan from Studioneat, have launched twonewadd-onsto the Glif product line: the Ligature and the Serif

The Ligature is a small keychain loop that attaches to the Glif. This has been a popular request, and will allow you to always keep your Glif handy (a very smart idea).

The Serif is an additional attachment that keeps your iPhone incredibly secure on the tripod when used in conjunction with the Glif. Using the Glif by itself is great for casual shooting, but the Serif is a must in more extreme situations. And, the Serif nestles nicely inside the Glif when not in use.

Check out the demo video to see the kit in action:

The Glif+ and +Pack are now available direct from, and if you are quick you may just get your lovely purchases in time for Christmas. These things make great gifts.

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