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BBC ‘makes latest sci-fi epic’ on a smartphone

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A scene from the BBC's Click The Movie

BBC’s flagship technology programme Click shows how to make a sci-fi short using the iPhone 4S

The BBC are renowned for quality programming: think Dr Who and Sherlock Holmes, both recent big budget series with fans all over the world.

So when it came to making their latest sci-fithriller, Click The Movie, about a rogue android on the loose in north London, why did they choose a smartphone to film it on?

Click is the BBC’s ‘flagship technology programme’ and for a recent episode they looked at how to make a smartphone movie.

To help create their movie they needed an expert so called on the shadowy figure that is The Film Artist (TFA), a winner of the first iPhone Film festival, a prolific iPhonefilm-maker, albeit one who likes to keep a low profile.

We interviewed TFA last year and he is one of the most experienced iPhonefilm-makers on the scene,  an early adopter who keeps up with technology and latest trends.

The Click team asked TFA to show how an iPhone film is made. The location was Alexandra Palace in north London and the producers asked him to demonstrate devices and gizmos he uses on the iPhone such as Mobislyder by Glidetrack, the Steadicam Smoothee and Filmic Pro.

“The BBC love Vimeo, and so I was chuffed to bits when Talia from the BBC Click team asked me to help them with making a short film using a smartphone at Alexandra Palace,” he said on his Vimeo page.

Of course TFA made his own film of the day, a ‘behind the scenes of behind the scenes’ which gives a fascinating insight into what the pros think of smartphones for making movies on.

“It was a fun day and the BBC Click team were really enthusiastic and friendly and made me feel at home,” said TFA.

The results of Click the Movie are impressive, although the cameraman was dismissive at first about the capabilities of the iPhone 4S. The BBC certainly tested the smartphone to the limit, adding lens attachments, creating SFX with apps and even editing footage on the iPhone

The BBC’s making of Click the Movie is a must see for all those interested in smartphonefilm-making as it’s a masterclass from the pros, who despite their initial misgivings, were pretty impressed in the end with the iPhone 4S.

As TFA says, the big boys are watching what we smart movie makers are doing, and that can’t be bad thing.

Watch TFA’s own behind the scenes here:

The BBC, TFA and an iPhone 4S from The Film Artist on Vimeo.

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