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Auteur David Lynch set to release debut album

Film-maker, director, screenwriter, meditation guru, Parisian nightclub owner and now ‘pop’ star – is there nothing that David Lynch can’t do?

Lynch is set to release his debut album Crazy Clown Time at the beginning of November featuring the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s Karen O on vocals on some of the tracks. He’s giving fans a taster by releasing the first single Good Day Today

(have a sneak listen here)
Good Day Today by threeminutesthirtyseconds

and by unveiling the album cover (above), designed by himself of course.

He is also involved in another musical project out at the end of this month; a collaboration with sultry singer Chrysta Bell, whose video for her new single This Train is produced by Lynch.

Check out a teaser here:

The great auteur also has strong views about watching films on the iPhone, although we think he is not against using the iPhone to make films?

Whatever he does and however he does it, David Lynch is always an inspiration — and still has a great head of hair: in which footsteps of his should we follow, if any?

Let’s meditate on that thought.

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