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Apple’s iMovie app: what’s new for Mac and iPad?

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Apple’s revamped iMovie app for Mac and iPad includes lots of great new features

The new version of iMovie is sleek and sophisticated both on the Mac and on iOS devices, just don’t try and sync the two, yet

After spending pretty much half a day upgrading my ageing Macbook Pro to the new Maverick operating system one of the definite benefits is the new version of Apple’s popular video editing tool iMovie.

In a very comprehensive review of the iMovie upgrade, Macworld’s Serenity Caldwell says the “new version of iMovie is sleek and sophisticated both on the Mac and on iOS devices. It retains a lot of advanced features from prior versions, but keeps its interface clutter- and confusion-free for newer users. And it’s added a new avenue for easily sharing movies to your computer and Apple TV.”

However, some of the early reviews missed the fact that in Apple’s revamp, the editing program has lost one of its more-favoured features: importing projects between iOS and the Mac.  In addition, some users are complaining about being unable to upgrade to the newest version of iMovie on their Macs as their machines lack the right video cards, Caldwell reports.

Users have been complaining that while you can still send your projects to iTunes, you can’t open a mobile iMovie project in the new iMovie for Mac – nor will it open in iMovie ’11.

Nor can you go the other way, sending an iMovie for Mac project to the iOS app Uploading your project file to iTunes works just fine, but iMovie for iOS won’t recognize it once it’s on your device.

To be fair, Apple never made that option available in previous versions, says Caldwell.

Apple has stated that the feature will be introduced with a later upgrade, but If your Mac doesn’t have an OpenCL-capable video card, you may not even be able to run the new version of iMovie at all.

You can check this support document from Apple for more information.

Affected systems include the Mid/Late 2007 MacBook Pro (excluding models with the GeForce 8600M GT), Mid 2007 iMac, Early 2008 iMac (excluding the 24-inch models with Nvidia GeForce 8800 GS), and Early 2008 Mac Pro (excluding those with the Nvidia GeForce 8800 GT or Quadro FX 5600).

The new version of iMovie is also a stunning feature of the new iPad Air.

“Originally, iMovie was the first big desktop program that demonstrated that Apple could write software which simplified life for those who weren’t professionals but wanted to do thing. Its “big preview pane/video clip/editing area” paradigm was so good it drove Bill Gates to chew out the team on Microsoft Movie Maker because theirs wasn’t nearly as good,” writes Charles Arthur, the Guardian’s technology editor.

“Now, Apple’s doing this on the iPad. It’s the same recipe: video clips, editing area, preview pane. Split the clip? No problem. Slow it down or speed it up? Sure. Freeze frame? Duplicate? Change the audio level? Add your own audio? Can do. Add themes? Fade in or out? Rotate the clip? Zoom in? No problem. (The last two are done with your fingers.) Again, it’s a poke in the eye for anyone who insists that tablets are just for “consumption”. Moreover, the A7 chip is scarily fast. Where the first iMovie – and quite a few successors, a decade ago – needed time to render clips at different speeds, the A7 does it right away.”

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