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Apple stalls on bigger screen iPhones

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Apple’ s iPhone 5 – with its 4-inch screen

New iPhone 5S due this autumn, but with only minor updates to existing model, claim reports

If, like me, you are hanging on for a new redesigned iPhone this year, then don’t hold your breath – it could be another 12 months down the line before we see a radically different new model, according to recent reports.

While close Apple watchers are expecting an upgrade to the current iPhone 5 in the autumn, there won’t be any significant changes this time around to get excited about.

So far, Apple has declined to comment on rumours that the Cupertino company is reportedly looking at iPhones with bigger screens for a new model in 2014 and perhaps release a lower cost (and spec) iPhone in a range of colours this year.

The iPhone 5 has a 4-inch screen, compared to a the new Galaxy S4’s 5-inch screen. Apple is reportedly looking at one iPhone with a 4.7-inch screen and another with a 5.7-inch screen, according to a Reuters’ source within the supply chain.

Apple CEO Tim Cook addressed the question of larger screens at this year’s All Things D conference. When asked about a range of iPhones, Cook said it’s something that the company hasn’t done so far, but “that doesn’t shut off the future.”

Cook also said the iPhone doesn’t have a larger screen right now for a few reasons. “A large screen today comes with a lot of tradeoffs,” he said. “People do look at the size, but they also look at things like if the photos show the proper colour, the white balance, reflectivity, battery life, brightness, the longevity of the display.”

Apple will release the iPhone 5S later this year, according to Reuters, but it will be an update with “some small additions and tweaks”. Apple released the iPhone 5 last September. said the purported low-cost iPhone, which is expected to cost $350 to $400, is said to have a plastic shell rather than aluminum and could be available in a rainbow of colours, such as ink, green, blue, and yellow-orange, according to MacRumors.

There’s no doubt about it, my old iPhone 4 with its 4MP camera is looking a bit long in the tooth. I’m due an upgrade – but how long can I wait, and I’m even thinking if I want to make films on my smartphone would I be better off with a Samsung or a Nokia?

One thing is certain, Apple need to deliver and soon, if they want to remain the driver in this particular market.

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  1. Prakash Gandhi Natarajan says:

    I agree with you about making films. I have been owning a iphone 4S and shot a music video on that and the video is not that bad. But still I was expecting apple to improve the camera so when i upgrade to iphone 5S, film making experience will be better! (I hope so)

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