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Apple out sync rivals with music cloud offering

Never underestimate Apple. While Google and Amazon jumped ahead with their cloud music offering, it seems theirs may not be the real deal because both companies have failed to sign licensing agreements with the major record companies.

What this means is that once Apple has agreements with the majors (so far it has EMI, Warner and Sony on board with Universal Music still holding out) it will able to offer the one thing that its rivals can’t: library syncing without uploading.

As a TechCrunch article reports, this means that Apple users will have their hard drive scanned for songs and will play chosen tracks from servers without the need to upload them yourself. This will save hours (days even if you have a large music library) of uploading.

Amazon and Google went ahead without agreements in place because the terms were not acceptable – paving the way for Apple to strengthen its position after almost a year of intense negotiations with the labels.

Streaming rights are different to download rights so Apple was forced to renegotiate. Now, as TechCrunch’s Erick Schonfeld says, the question is will iTunes remain a buy-to-own model, or will Apple start offering unlimited subscriptions?

Whatever the answer, it appears Apple has outsmarted its rivals once again.

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