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Apple ditches YouTube app on new iPhone OS

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Are we going to miss the little brown box when the YouTube app disappears from iOS 6?

The latest beta version of Apple’s iOS 6 released to developers on Monday no longer includes the YouTube app as default, which has been been pre-installed on the iPhone since the device debuted in 2007.

Instead, users will have to download a new YouTube app from the App Store. Apple claims it’s simply because its five-year deal with Google has expired, reports website

“Our license to include the YouTube app in iOS has ended, customers can use YouTube in the Safari browser and Google is working on a new YouTube app to be on the App Store,” is all Apple will officially say on the matter.

Google, so far, has declined to comment about the circumstances of YouTube’s departure from Apple’s devices.

Back in the day the app was the best way to search YouTube’s website for videos and watch them, but the IOS app has become obsolete as mobile interfaces have improved in general.  Google, unsurprisingly, has been busy developing the Android version of the app, which is far more advanced and free of Apple’s constraints.

“As part of Google’s five-year deal with Apple, Google was not allowed to run any kind of advertising on the YouTube app. There was no way it could deliver ads – Apple controlled the app. Now that the deal has expired, Google is finally free to monetize millions of mobile eyeballs and cat videos,” writes Ben Parr on

Earlier this year, Apple also announced that iOS 6 will remove Google Maps in favor of Apple Maps, so perhaps the news that Apple is purging all trace of Google from its mobile operating systems should hardly come as a surprise, and neither company seem particularly bothered by the new arrangements.

For a long time now the best way to view videos on the iPhone has been through the YouTube mobile site so we figure it’s not going to be missed too much by users either.

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