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Alpha-ville Festival goes beyond digital, we’re talking ‘post’

Alpha-ville festival

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We are all digital now and have been for a decade or more. Fast broadband, Wi-Fi and cloud computing have enabled artists in particular a freedom to be completely mobile and explore and record their world – whether through music, film, spoken word or visual arts.

Smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices are our new tools. The digital revolution has changed culture, society (even the most mundane tasks such as filing a tax return or ordering groceries can be done online) and business models (look at Amazon, Apple). All of this means there is a fundamental shift in how we live and communicate.

Postmodernism may be old hat, but are we entering a post-digital age?

Digital is certainly part of everyday life and even for the less switched on, it has become integral. By the end of this decade, for example, the majority of people will own a smartphone, regardless of income.

This year’s Alpha-ville Festival in London, captures the new zeitgeist and addresses the transition from a digital to a post-digital culture.

Through a series of talks, symposiums, exhibitions and shows, festival organisers say they want to look beneath technology, explore how the physical boundaries between reality and online worlds are being blurred and how collaboration, participation and interaction have redefined creative practices.

Tom Uglow, director of Creative Labs at Google says, “The idea that digital is something new and transformative is now quite old. So the question for most creatives is not about going digital – it’s about making it feel less digital, about making participation and interaction feel post-digital; making the tech less techy.”

The four-day festival aims to create environments that picks up on Uglow’s hypotheses where visitors will experience the cross over between digital and analogue, between technology and art, between science and culture.

“Our aim is to showcase, document and make known the work of creative coders, designers, architects, artists, researchers and professionals who explore the frontiers of technology, art, computing, philosophy, technology and media.

“The festival also provides a platform whereby participants and festival goers can exchange ideas, discover new trends and network at the London event.

“The term post-digital encompasses new conceptual models, behaviours, and practices that will be examined throughout the festival,” says a spokesperson for Alpha-ville.

As well as the serious stuff, there will be lots of party-time with especially themed DJ and electronic music nights, making it one of the hippest places to be from 22 to 25 September.

Alpha-ville 2011 is held at various venues across trendy east London, check its website for latest news and happenings.

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