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Adobe Flash now on Apple iPhones and iPads

It looks as though the long-running saga of Adobe not being able to deliver Flash video to Apple’s iOS devices, namely the iPhone and the iPad is over, reports Bryan Chaffin from the MacObserver.

With the release of Adobe’s Flash Media Server 4.5 it should be possible to use Flash to deliver video streams across several platforms including iOS, Android, Windows and OS X.


Adobe Flash Media Server group chief Kevin Towie said: “Websites have two challenges. To deliver video to desktop PCs, and to deliver to Apple devices. This [the new software] bridges that gap, and will give consumers access to more video content. We already offer Air for iOS, which allows developers to create apps with Flash video — and prices for Flash Media Server 4.5 start at $999, for a lower-end version with less content protection.”

Adobe says it is not delivering Flash support on iOS devices. The big bugbear at Apple was centred on performance issues and battery life on devices, and it chose to use HTTP Live Streaming instead, as used by YouTube and other sites to deliver content to iPhones and iPads. What Adobe is doing is adding support to HTTP Live streaming instead.

In short, Mac or PC with Flash installed will automatically stream video content via Flash. If an iOS device calls up the video stream, Adobe’s software will deliver it via HTTP Live Streaming.

The new service is not the same as ‘Flash on your iPhone’ and does not affect playing Flash games on your iOS devices or viewing interactive flash content – the new server is purely for streaming video in a format that already support iOS.

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