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Add a smart soundtrack to your Vimeo video

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Get your own music score, courtesy of Vimeo

Video-sharing website teams up with music licensing company to allow users to upload customised soundtracks to their videos

The right soundtrack can make the difference between a good video and a great one, we know that, but adding one is a whole different ball game, both from a rights management perspective, and not to mention the technical side of fitting music to moving images.

For those filmmakers that sometimes struggle with adding soundtracks, Vimeo has come up with a very smart way to help out in this area.

On its website you will find  a new music ‘Enhancer’ that allows users to add any of the 50,000+ music tracks from the Vimeo Music Store to their Vimeo videos directly from the site.

The video-sharing website has partnered up with SmartSound, the world’s leading provider of customisable royalty free music and music soundtrack solutions for visual content creators, to add roughly 4,000 tracks to allowing users the option to match a complete piece of music perfectly to the length and mood of their videos.

“Vimeo wants to help people make better videos,” said Dae Mellencamp, president of Vimeo.  “Combining our educational efforts like Vimeo Video School with these new customisation tools help make it easy for everyone to create videos that they are excited to share with the world.”

Vimeo’s new Enhancer will be a suite of cloud-basedtools that allow people to modify and improve their existing videos, starting with music. This new addition gives video creators the ability to add a new soundtrack to their already uploaded video, adjust the existing audio levels, and control the start and end-pointof the song.

Mellencamp added that “The right soundtrack can make the difference between a good video and a great one. By integrating SmartSound’s unique offering of customisable music, Vimeo users can now make the soundtrack to their videos as unique and personal as the video itself.”

SmartSound’s features let users create customised soundtracks for their videos by controlling the length, musical arrangement, and instrument mix from a base of nearly 4,000 songs.

Kevin Klingler, president of SmartSound, said that “Our newcloud-basedsystem allows Vimeo to incorporate our patented technology, giving users instant access to over 20 million unique compositions based on the ideal song length, arrangement, and instrument mix needed for each video.”

SmartSound music is available now from the Vimeo Music Store, priced at $1.99 (around £1.28) a track for personal use license and $19.99 (around £12.88) per track for a commercial license.

To learn more, watch this video.

• We have not had chance to try out this new feature yet – but please let us know if you use SmartSound in any of your videos

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