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Adam Goldberg nails the ‘driving song’ on his iPhone

Cool Hollywood actor Adam Goldberg, who made a name for himself as the wise-cracking soldier Melish in Saving Private Ryan, has popped up in a very funny, self-produced video for a track from his new album.

If you dig The Flaming Lips you will love Goldberg’s sound (his band is called The Goldberg Sisters), produced  by Aaron Espinoza.

Adam Goldberg

Adam Goldberg, crazy guy, crazy 'tache

The track is called Shush and the video, shot on an iPhone 4, is a brilliant and wry take on the ‘driving song’.

The driving song is when you are in your car, on the motorway, or in Goldberg’s case in the city, and you start singing along to a track, maybe play a little air guitar and perform a few drum rolls on the steering wheel or dashboard.

You get so wrapped up in the music you become oblivious to the outside world – and other road users and pedestrians. Goldberg plays it brilliantly – with a little help from his friends.

‘Sometimes,’ Goldberg told the Los Angeles Times, ‘I’m spontaneous, or at least I’m possessed by someone else’s spontaneity. I was with a friend, lamenting how life isn’t a musical. Why don’t people get up and just dance in the street?

‘I think music and driving are inextricably tied together. I think about how music will work in a car.’

Just as funny is this little outtake video; the car an ‘89 Caprice, stalled mid-shoot, but Goldberg as director, actor and musician carries it off – and even looks cool with a moustache!

Check it out.

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