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A film-maker’s dream: why the iPad 2 is becoming more popular

iPad 2 shoot


While all the attention has been on the rise of the iPhone 4 as the ultimate mobile device for film-making, what about that other Apple product: the iPad?

With estimates of 40m units sold to date the iPad is also becoming a favourite with smart moviemakers.

Earlier this year Michael Koerbel from Majek Pictures recorded a first when he used an iPad 2 to film a Hollywood premier for Reelz Channel and as more accessories and apps are developed for it, shooting and editing on the popular tablet will be seen as a viable alternative to the smartphone.

Hand Held Hollywood recently featured a two-minute showcase The Latter, from film-maker Micah Moss produced entirely on the iPad 2. It is an excellent example of the cinematic quality you can get from the device.

Moss used a number of apps including Steady Lens, Movie Looks HD, Garage Band and iMotion ID.

Check out The Latter here:

The Latter from Micah Moss on Vimeo.

The Makayama Movie Mount for iPad 2

The Makayama Movie Mount for iPad 2

And if you want to get really serious about filming on your iPad 2, then check out this piece of kit: The Makayama Movie Mount for iPad 2, which promises to turn your iPad 2 into a complete studio by attaching tele- and wide-angle lenses, microphones and lights. You can also fit it to a tripod for more stable shots and the case becomes a handy desktop mount when you come to edit your footage.

Response so far has been encouraging with Engadget claiming it ‘turns your iPad into a serious video making machine’, and Mashable declaring it a ’filmmaker’s dream’.

See for yourself, here’s a demo:

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