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10 best accessories and gizmos for shooting a film on an iPhone 4

South Korean director ParkChan-wookadmires the iPhone 4

It is well known that acclaimed South Korean director ParkChan-wookshot his last movie on the iPhone 4. His film, Paranmanjang, was released in cinemas in South Korea, and if nothing else, it proves you can obtain cinematic quality by using the iPhone.

Here’s how he did it:
How Oldboy director Park Chan-wook shot his short Paranmanjang entirely on an iPhone 4.

Shooting a movie on the iPhone is a relatively simple process – anyone can do it, but to obtain the type of quality that Park achieved you are going to need two things: directing skills, of course, and a bit of extra kit.

But even with a few basic film skills and by splashing out on a couple of bolt-onsfor your iPhone, you too could be shooting like a pro.

Taz Goldstein is a Hollywood director and founder of the website Hand Held Hollywood. He is also a convert to the iPhone and he recently made a video highlighting the different accessories you can use on the device, including the Owle Bubo, which park used on Paranmanjang by attaching a 35mm lens.

Taz has kindly allowed to show the video, and here it is – everything you need to know in 12 minutes and a great introduction to iPhonefilm-making.

Here’s the kit featured in the video

Joby’s GorillaMobile for iPhone 4
($39.95 retail, $29.29 on Amazon)

Suction Clip ($12.99)

The Glif ($20)

Owle Bubo ($169.95)

EnCinema 35mm Lens Adaptor ($200 and up)

LitePanels Micro Light ($297.99 retail, $259.95 on Amazon)

Sennheiser EW112PG3A Wireless Mic Kit
($899.99 retail, $599.00 on Amazon)

Grippit Smartphone Adaptor ($9.99)

TreeFrog Camera Accessory Kit ($49.95 retail, $38.79 on Amazon)

Zacuto iPhone Point-n-Shoot ($121.00 retail, $114.95 on Amazon)

• Making a film on the iPhone? Let us know about it, and any other pieces of kit that we have not featured

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